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3A Promotional Gifts is the leading supplier of promotional items, corporate gifts in Vietnam. We offer a comprehensive solutions of promotional gifts including consulting, design, production and printing logos. Along with that, we offer inspection, packaging, shipment and delivery to customers. 

3A Promotional Gifts - Prestige and Creative company

Wishing to boost revenue and increase business profits for our customers, we has constantly innovated, explored and updated the latest promotional gifts trends of the world, applying it flexibly to the Vietnamese market in order to create beautiful and impressive promotinal items, which helps promote the consumption of products.

3A would like to give you a collection of promotional products that we have made for our partners:

Quà tặng doanh nghiệp

Luxurious Gift Sets. See more

Quà tặng doanh nghiệp

In the age of technology development, the technology products are always the hottest gifts for businesses such as USB, Rechargeable battery, Adapter, Bluetooth speaker ... See more 

promotional gifts

Drinkware are diversified with specific designs for each business. See more

promotional gifts

One of 3A's strengths is the eco-friendly products: Note books, recycled pens, canvas bags ... Especially, products made with wheat straw plastic are loved by many customers. See more

promotional gifts

With more than 10,000 unique business gift samples: notebooks, pens, watches, paper blocks, plastic advertising fans with handle, keychains ... are available at 3A's warehouses ...

promotional gifts

On-pack gifts for children with diverse costs suitable for many brands - is the first choice of corporations, such as consumer goods companies. 

Why should you choose us as a trustworthy partner?

1. Prestige: Timely delivery, matching your requirements, precise colors, quality control. Of course, when you want to place an order, your product must be in perfect design and quality commitment.

2. Experience: meet various requirements, anticipate probable occurrences in mass production. Make a plan with you from the idea stage, consult the proper products and effective way of marketing.

3. Competitive price: If a supplier knows how to minimize production costs and fixed costs, store the moulds for the next time production, he will give you the most competitive price. You won’t have to pay too high, and your supplier will get acceptable profit.

4. Always be creative: we always update newest and hottest products so that our partners will have diverse options. When their customers were presented special and useful gifts, they will definitely love them and stay faithful to the company’s products.

We always fighting for these 4 standards every working days and looking forward to receiving your request, so that we will have opportunity to show our ability and enthusiasm!

See our product we did: https://lnkd.in/f_J8jAD

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promotional gifts

promotional gifts

promotional gifts

Some typical images of producing business gifts at 3A workshop

Pantone color types help customers choose the right colors to print.

How have ceramic cups been produced at 3A?

Banner pens produced by 3A

And other interesting business gift ideas videos at 3A Gifts of Youtube Channel.

You can chat directly with us during office hours. Or send your request by Email or Contact form. We wil reply to you soon!

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